Microcement LuxuryCiment

One character for most modern spaces and a minimalist style, also can integrate perfectly in rustic areas, tiled floors continuously obtaining a decorative exclusively indoors or exterior. Versatille to allow renovation of floors and walls of homes, shops, business offices, on surfaces such as bathrooms, showers, spas, saunas, kitchens, including furniture design to create as it is applicable across cement, plaster, mosaics, tiles, plates … etc

Easy renovations

Microcement has become in recent years the ideal product to achieve a renovation, this is due to the possibility of application on almost any media without removing the old layer (tiles… etc), the end result is that it is not very thick and resistant, it is the ideal solution for renovations.




You can see microcement layer, to touch texture with different finishes, choosing between 33 colors and see how microcement remains on a wall with tiles ..

 360º tour of our showroom in Gandia

33 colors, endless possibilities



Want to see results in a selection of the best pictures?

microtopping concrete floors foto



Application with microcement for renewal spaces

In LUXURY CEMENT our goal is to provide personalized attention and different alternatives for homes, shops, offices, a guarantee of works, so that the application must be carried out by persons qualified specialization in order to ensure adequate strength and finishing optimal for any surface thus maintaining product quality. Each application is unique.

microtopping concrete floors


We are selling microcement and the necessary equipment for application

LuxuryCiment uses proven high quality components for flooring treatments, to fulfill and satisfy the required characteristics as durability, stability and strength. Consult our solutions in microcement.
LuxuryCiment application is responsible and reduce debris, dust, thick and all other annoying inconvenience caused by renovations
If you want to start to work with our material it is good to know that we do training courses.

The technical characteristics of products LuxuryCiment:
  • It is totally impermeable to water.
  • Highly resistant to movement and wear.
  • Excellent resistance to weather conditions, UV and weather.
  • Exceptional grip, which allows an application in a variety of different substrates
  • Reduced environmental impact because it is formulated based on water
  • Very large variety of colors and textures.