98,75 €
It is used to prevent surface cracks and strengthening
Instructions for use: It is used in almost all areas that apply microtopping to avoid small cracks promoters is applied with the media, always before microtopping



64,88 €
Printer for not absorbing or less absorbing surface that provides a bridge between the two materials, such as tiles, metal, marble, mosaic or microtopping.
Instructions for use: Apply on clean surface (dust and grease) and dry
Ambient temperature between 10 and 30ºC.
Shake the container before application and let dry between 30-60 minutes depending on weather conditions.

imprim + imprimacion para aplicar microcemento Luxury Ciment



139,14 €
Epoxy resin of two components
Instructions for Use: Pour two components in the ratio 1: 0.6 added in a container just before use. mix for 3 minutes until the color mix (working time 20 min).
It is applied in wet places where it acts as a barrier against moisture or vapor