The average of microtopping price per m2


What you should know about the price per m2

Whether on the floor or wall is very important that the work be done by an expert, so we form microtopping applicators. To know how much a renovation with microtopping contractor must assess extention and surface condition to be applied and complexity of work to determine the precise cost ( microtopping price ).

If you want to know how much can cost a microtopping job and receive a quote based on your needs, handyman must measure coverage and surface condition on the spot.With these we can provide you a price.

But keep in mind that can influence and change labor cost per m2:

  • Complexity of the work, the more complex (such as corners, holes or obstacles) cost more time and money.
  • Extending coverage to as many meters with both cost is less per m2
  • Such as support, where the support is in poor condition requires preparation, the price will increase.

Knowing all this price can vary between 45€  and 100€ per m2 of labor included.

Now knowing which are the prices, you should not trust the very low prices, probably they use used materials or low quality.

Now that you have informed ………

We encourage you to ask for a price without compromise!

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