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everything you need to work with microcement


20 kg – 66,25 €
Mortar based on cement and aggregates special preparation before applying LuxuryMediu support and LuxuryFino.
Administration method: Mix 6 LuxuryResin liters per 20kg container product.
Instructions for Use:Before you apply LuxuryBase necessary surface preparation fiberglass mesh, LuxuryResin, Print +, depending Poximprim support. Apply with stainless steel trowel in 2 or 3 hands up equal surface.

Microcemento Base Luxury Ciment para preparacion de sopore



20 kg  – 92,50 € | 10 kg – 58 €
Mortar for finishing decorative floor long continuous traffic.
It is definitely a solution that adds aesthetic value to any space, whether residential or commercial. absence of joints makes it suitable for any industry, and growing home decor.
Administration method:Mix 6.5 liters per container 20kg LuxuryResin product.
Instructions for Use: Apply with stainless steel or rubber trowel in 1 or 2 layers to get the desired finish ..
This product can be applied on floors and walls but generally applies to stores with pedestrian traffic, shops, offices, facades, terraces.

Microcemento Mediu Luxury Ciment para suelos



20 kg – 92,50 € | 10 kg – 49,50 € | 5 kg – 30,88 €
Mortar finishing continuously applying a decorative coating.
Administration method: Administer LuxuryResin 8,5litri of 20kg per container product.
Instructions for Use: Apply one or two coats su rubber trowel to obtain a desired finish .. This product is mainly applied on the walls and is certainly the most spectacular endings microtopping market.

Microcemento Fino Luxury Ciment para paredes



25L – 178,50 € | 5 L – 45,90 €
Component B
LuxuryResin is a liquid component for preparing mortars Luxury, also can be used as armors on cement supports, with a composition of resin and additives increases the elasticity, durability and resistance, the result is a high quality component for microcement Luxury specific.
Composition: Resin acrylic waterborne ready for use
Instructions: To make the mixture is recommendable to follow the instructions of the technical data sheets mortars.

Luxury Resin - resina para mezclar microcemento Luxury Ciment