Microtopping colors of Luxury Ciment

We have a wide range of colors to fit any decorative appearance

Hue, intensity and color varies depending on the amount of the diluted product and the type of polymer used cement.Quality pigments that we offer them, you can get an infinite number of shades and color. You can unleash your imagination, or unique ways to customize surfaces.

In the first picture we can see the following colors: Rose, Light Blue, Green, Navone, Orange, White, Oxide, Wine, Olombino, White Green, Broom, Cake, Tràffic, Ivory, Pink, Bleu, Lichtgrun,Pure Yellow, Pearl, Cream, Light Ivory.In the second picture we can see the following colors: Black, Aluminum, Moss, Olive, Signalschwarz, Clear gray, Lejanía, Colomba, Gray, White, Beigegrau, Brown.

Los color en nuestro Showroom microcemento Luxury Ciment
muestras de color y materiales en el Showroom microcemento Luxury Ciment